Setup and Usage

Simple installation - takes about three minutes!


  • Must haves

  • Nice to haves
    • Existing schemas can help to create APIs quickly.
      An example database schema can be found :here

Step 1 : Install CLI

Step 2 : Install Desktop App

If installation failed download latest release from Github release page.

  • Mac : Move the installed application to applications folder
  • Windows : Install into default paths (program files)
  • Linux : Install into default path

Step 3 : Open Desktop App

  • xc should open desktop app. If not open it manually by double clicking on it

  • Step 4 : Now, Generate REST / GraphQL APIs ( like a wizard )

    APIs can be generated via CLI or GUI - however Desktop App should be open for this at all times.

    Above command will prompt you to enter database credentials and API type (REST/GraphQL).

    Above command generates REST/GraphQL on the fly with code!
    Code can be found within ./projectName folder.

    Eg : Automatic REST APIs Generator via CLI

    Eg : Automatic REST APIs Generator via GUI

    CLI : Man Page

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